Day 2 Know Your Body Type

Hi dolls! Today we talk about body types/shapes on day 2 of our 31 Days of Style tips, tricks, and treats! This will be a 3 part post. 

In order to be comfortable with your body you need to know your body and nothing is worse that shopping with the frustration of not being able to find anything that looks right. So, what are body types? 

Well there are a 3 main categories: 

Ectomorph – a lean and angular body shape, long limbs, slender, slim, narrow waist. 

Mesomorph – strong athletic body type, muscular build, well-developed shoulders and slim hips 

Endomorph – a round body shape, short and tapering limbs, larger boned than other body types, plump/stocky appearance, usually have round faces with larger thighs and hips, small hands and feet and high waist. 

 It is best to understand that even with these categories there is no one size fit all approach to knowing your body type and you should note that you can also have a different body shape with these body types. So this list is simply here to serve as a guide. Let’s get to it…

The Hourglass: 

When you think of the shape of an hourglass its wide and the top and bottom and cinched in the middle. Essentially this is the most iconic and sought after figure for tons of women. These women tend to have equally proportioned top and bottom with a narrow waist. 

The Banana/Ruler:

These shapes have no significant differences between the size of their hips, waist and shoulders. 


Apple shaped women are bigger on the top half of their bodies than the lower half. Slim hips and a large chest and stomach.


Pear shaped women have larger lower bodies and small upper bodies. Hips are slightly wider than the shoulders usually have small chests and flat stomachs.

Inverted Triangle: 

This is the most athletic looking body shape. This figure has broad shoulders and/or a full bust and small hips and thighs.


And lastly we have the rectangle silhouette which is fairly straight up and down with a slight masculine look. You’re similar to an Hourglass but without the killer waist. 

Come back for day 3 where I will share what you should look for while shopping to flatter your body shape. Until then..

Xoxo -Noelleón 💋


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