Day 6 Slimming Made Simple

As you know by now there are a ton of ways to appear slimmer. One of which is simply by doing what you do every day…getting dressed. 

I’m going to share some of the secrets of successfully dressing slim. So if you’re one juice cleanse from devouring a hamburger and tired of the treadmill, keep reading cause let’s face it, sometimes you just want the flat tummy without the work…and I totally get it! 

  1. Peplum power! Worried about your waist or hips? Try peplum for an instant slimming effect. It flatters every figure and does wonders at hiding unsightly bulge.
  2. Shapers are your friend! Not only do they smooth and reshape, they also help you stand taller. Invest in a high-waisted shaping bike short, they work for the stomach, hips, and thighs BUT, don’t buy clothes that are too fitted in that area. Go up a size, then have it tailored to your dimensions so they fit you perfectly.
  3. Under arm “wings” You know what I’m talking about, when your muscles have checked out and are now letting gravity get the best of them. To help hide try illusion T-shirts—a sheer top over a tank top, a little shrug or cardigan will cover that area as well. For fuller arms, go for a full cap sleeve. 
  4. DONT GO BAGGY! Often times we think going bigger is better to hide the unsightly areas however it just makes you look heavier. Instead, go with something more tailored but not tight. 
  5. LBD Also known as the little black dress. A classic and iconic staple that you can always count on. 
  6. Accessorize Did you know a larger necklace can make you appear taller and leaner?  it directs attention up and away from your figure flaws. Depending on your body, a choker can be good, drawing attention to the neck. But if you have a big bust, choose a necklace on a short chain instead.
  7. Busy Be Gone! Well not literally but you can start by having yourself fitted for the right bra size. Look for a bra that both supports and sleeks you. When it comes to the clothes you put over that bra, leave the neckline open—create a V, an upside-down triangle, so you pull the eye down toward a narrower place. A vest over a shirt is nice. If you wear just a shirt or blouse, open the buttons and wear a tank top underneath. Overall, it helps to create a sleek, column-like effect. 
  8. Dream Jean Avoid both very high- and low-waisted styles and go for a more-flattering midrise jean. Look for “slim fitting” styles Keep in mind darker is better when shopping for a skinny jean. 

All in all nothing beats a healthy diet and exercise for some but for others these quick fixes are sure to help in one way or another. 

Until next time my loves, #betheEXCEPTION 

XOXO -Noelleón 💋


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