Day 7 Fall Basics 

As the weather cools and we drift into fall, here are a few fall basic must haves for your wardrobe: 

Boots/Booties: It may not be cool enough in your area to go all out over the knee yet but that doesn’t stop the flow. Booties will definitely suffice for now and are just as trendy. 

Scarves: Be sure to keep scarves on deck! Light scarves for the early fall and heavier knit scarves for later.  

Hats: Because…why not?!

Leggings: If you’ve ever owned a pair then you understand the importance of having leggings especially in the fall. Leggings are the new denim. 

Midi Skirts: Another alternative to wearing jeans for those days it’s not quite cool enough for denim and you want to add a little flirty flare to your outfit. 

Jackets: If you didn’t already know, bombers are not only on trend right now but they are a quick way to chic up an outfit without thinking too deep. And then there’s the ever so classic option of a denim jacket, utility jackets as well as Moto style jackets. 

Sweater Dress/Light Sweater: Sweater dresses are the ultimate all in one. It’s enough to wear alone but once you throw on your booties, jacket and a scarf you’ve taken it up at least 5 notches. Grab a light sweater to wear for cooler nights that you can tie around your waist or drape over your shoulders until it’s time to throw it on. 

Cardigans: The jackets’ little sister and a step up from a sweater. You can throw this on over almost anything to dress it up not to mention they are super cozy. 

Poncho Wraps: You can be super creative with wraps. Whether you drape them on as a layering piece or close them up and belt it, there’s no wrong way to wear a wrap. 

Vests: I’m all for faux fur, but in the meantime if your area isn’t quite cool enough for the fur, you can still incorporate a cute vest into your wardrobe. 

Crop Sweaters: For those who embrace fall but just aren’t ready to depart with summer. 

Remember these are just basics but paired with your existing pieces, they can make all the difference from flat to fab for the fall! 

Until next time dolls…

XOXO -Noelleón 💋


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