Day 8 Skin Undertone 

So you may be wondering what your skin undertone has to do with fashion but believe it or not, knowing your undertone plays a huge role in finding colors that are flattering against it beyond makeup. 

As we know, there is no definitive way to determine your undertone however with all things this can serve as a guide. Whether you’re warm, cool, or neutral, is certainly not the rule to guide your color choices, you can still wear whatever color you feel comfortable in. The idea is to simply complement your natural color. 

Understand that your skin’s undertone is not about how light or dark your skin is, rather it is the color that comes through from underneath skin’s surface to affect the overall tonal quality. So here’s a few “tests”… 

Vein test: Look at the veins on your wrist or palm. People with warm undertones have green-looking veins, while people with cool undertones have veins that are blue or purple.

Jewelry test: Under natural light, wear a silver bracelet on one wrist and a gold one on the other. Look at each hand and figure out which enhances your complexion better. If it’s gold, your undertones are warm. If silver looks best, your undertones are cool.

Towel test: Put a white towel/piece of paper next to your face and look in the mirror. The contrast of the white towel will make the undertones pop. You should do this in natural light, as lightbulbs can cast a deceiving hue.

If your skin appears yellowish or sallow beside the white paper, you have a warm skin tone.

Your warm colors are: Oranges, reds, golden yellow, amber, honey gold.

Your cool colors are: Warmer greens and blues, like olive, deeper turquoise, green moss, fern, pesto, red-purples (think: magenta and orchid shades).

Your neutrals are: Taupe, hot chocolate, creamy whites, winter wheat, latte.

If your skin appears pink, rosy, or blueish-red, then you have a cool skin tone.

Your cool colors are: Bright blue, royal blue, sapphire, emerald, amethyst, deep purples, lavender, lilac snow.

Your warm colors are: Shocking pink (versus hot pink, which is warm), cerise, ruby, bright rose.

Your neutrals are: Gray, navy, pristine white.

If your skin appears gray, your skin probably has an olive complexion with a neutral undertone.

Your colors are: Neutral colors that fall in the middle of the color spectrum. Look for light peach, dusty pinks, soft rose, peony pink (blush-toned pinks look best for neutrals), placid blue, jade green, cameo green.

Not so hard right? Until next time…

XOXO -Noelleón 💋


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