Day 17 How To Style A Scarf 10 Ways 

Hello there my darlings! Today I want to talk about one of my favorite fall necessities that I absolutely cannot live without during the cool/cold months and that is S C A R V E S!! 

I literally have a duffle bag bursting at the seams with scarves (go ahead and judge), because these babies are so versatile it would be sinful not to own a few….or 100! 

So with a little help from one of my fave DIY sites the good folks over at Brit+Co, here’s 10 ways to style your scarves this season. 

1. Halter Scarf: Tie two corners around your neck and the other two around your waist. We recommend wearing a tube top or bandeau underneath and pairing with a blazer or peacoat for the work day.

I have actually tried this look many many many years ago with a bandana print scarf, remember when those were in?! 

2. Bow Tie Belt: For a different take on the scarf belt, tie your scarf like a bow tie around your waist. This adds a playful touch to an otherwise neutral look.

I love this idea and though I have never fully achieved master bow tie level, I have definitely worn my scarf as a belt either through belt loops or free standing over a cardigan/sweater. 

3. Braided Twist: Fold your scarf in half and pull around your neck. Pull one end through the loop. Then twist the loop and pull the end through again. Voila!

Classic, sophisticated and always a quick way to dress up an outfit without doing too much. 

4. Ruffle It Up: To add a little ruffle flair to a plain tank top, fold your scarf into a triangle. Drape over your shoulders and tie a small knot at the center. It’s the new “cardigan-over-a-sweater” look.

Super cute and very feminine! 

5. Purse in a Pinch: Love the boho look of this one! Tie a knot at each corner about 8-inches from the ends. Tie the ends together, and you’re done!

How innovative is this?!!! For my frugal fashionistas with a bit of a creative bite, this ones for you. 

6. Poncho Vest: If you want a more permanent shoulder drape, turn your scarf into a circle scarf by tying the two ends. Twist in the front and wear!

What a cool way to make use of those oversized scarves. 

7. Silk Necktie: Love the look of a necktie but need something a little more feminine? Make it happen with a scarf.

Chic androgynous fashion on the fly!

8. Giant Bow: Speaking of bows, we love the look of a giant bow right perched on your shoulder. Very Parisian.

Live out loud an take statement piece up a notch with this bold look. 

9. Mini Turban: The 60s-style turban is uber chic and easy to create with any scarf. 

There’s no wrong way to turban-ize your scarf (yeah I just made that up)! 

10. Scarf Wrap: The how-to for this is similar to our scarf vest, but using a larger scarf. Tie a knot in the back and put on like a cardigan.

Adds a little elegance especially worn over a dress. 

QUICKIE NOTE: If you aren’t into buying scarves but you’d like to try these looks, you could always head to your local craft store and use some really nice fabric to achieve the same styles. #HappyScarfing!

XOXO -Noelleón 💋


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