Let’s Talk: Victoria Beckham x Target

If you were fortunate enough to grow up during the Spice Girl era you must know the awesomeness that was Posh Spice! She’s going by Victoria these days but her chic and sleek style has never strayed. She’s been added to the list of designer/collaborators that have teamed up with Target to release a line of limited edition looks for women and children.

Victoria called on her in house fashion expert/mini Posh Harper, her 5 year old daughter who helped her curate pieces on their venture into designing for children for the first time. Beckham says her aim is to support women and girls through her collection.

At a glance, the collection does very much reflect the classic style we love so much about Beckham, it also gives me a 60’s London Mod chic yet playful vibe. It’s quite girly with florals and a soft yet energetic palette. Though there are only a few pieces of the adult line I would wear and I like the children’s collection a lot better,  with prices ranging from a mere $6 to $70 and sizes up to a 3x, this is definitely a steal for all of my fellow frugal fabulista’s. The line is set to release April 2017, but you can get a peek at the collection below.



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