Let’s Talk: Blac Chyna Lipstick Collection


For those who may not have known Blac Chyna before her era of Kardashian-ism, she’s always been a boss babe staking her claim in the beauty industry. Back in 2014 she founded her own cosmetics line called Lashed not long after graduating from the JLS Professional Makeup Artist School in Los Angeles in 2013. She also owns Lashed salon in California that offers a variety of eyelash-related services, including extensions, facials, and waxing..


Chyna announced the release Lashed Limited Edition 12 Lipstick Collection Box. On Monday afternoon with an action packed super bad chic flick commercial with a Watchmen vibe (check it out below). She then uploaded another post revealing the limited-edition lipstick box along with 21 new shades. Well known for her baby faced look and eccentric doll like lashes which are a featured favorite of the collection, hit also includes a range of lip products, lashes, facial powders, and skin-care.


Customers will be able to mix and match their favorite 12 shades from the new line of liquid lipsticks when purchasing the Limited Edition 12 Lipstick Collection Box. With options ranging from matte and shiny finishes and a variety of hues from bright pinks to sultry reds. Some of the new colors include Chyna Doll (a peachy pink shiny nude), Tokyo Nights (a black matte), Joi (a coral matte), and MILF (a deep red matte).

The Lashed Limited Edition 12 Lipstick Collection Box is available now at lashedcosmetics.com for $149.99 and the liquid lipstick shades will be available individually for $16.99 each soon. I will definitely be trying out the liquid lipsticks and doing a product review in the meantime, I’ll be keeping a lookout to report as soon as they become available.



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